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What is

Our Mission:

As a Chesham-based social enterprise, our vision is simple... a new online platform that helps create thriving and resilient local economies and communities.

How exactly do we do this? By giving the town a sense of belonging; by making the amazing things that are happening locally more visible, and by strengthening the connections within our community to encourage people to buy and shop local.

Let us work on boosting new locals towards your business, so you can focus more of your resources on your own company - while reaching more people than before.

What makes this website different?

Mytownoffers is different in the sense that we are a 'destination site'. Unlike outdated directories or alternative deal websites, mytownoffers is solely aimed at the residents of your local town - meaning greater exposure to the people who matter most. 

Who and what can be listed on the site?

Arguably anything can be listed on the site - it doesn't necessarily have to be deals. Maybe you want to promote the great things your company already does and increase your brand exposure. Anyone is welcome to list an advert on the site, you don't have to be a recognised business. We know how hard it can be for new start-ups to launch and gain momentum, so mytownoffers can also be a great way of spreading the word to your potential target market. For example, you could be a local photographer looking to be hired for the occasional event - listing yourself on mytownoffers can help you get that needed exposure.


The running of the site

Who maintains the site?

The site is maintained and run by the admins at mytownoffers - who are all local to Chesham, we understand and know the town well. Since we are regularly updating and monitoring the site, you can rest assured with the knowledge you are in safe hand. Let us do the nitty-gritty hard work of relentlessly promoting your brand and business, while you enjoy the many benefits of being listed on mytownoffers.

How do you make sure people see my advert?

To make things as fair as possible, we rotate adverts around on the site - so although you may find your listing near the bottom of the site one day, you will be near the top the next day. This ensures no businesses are constantly pushed to the bottom of the site, so exposure is shared (although we hope people will be scrolling through all the sites content!) Additionally, on the home page we have different categories (e.g. Editors top picks), where we will share around which advert gets listed under those headings. We offer a 'Deal of the Week' package which will ensure your advert is listed at the top of the home page (only 6 of these slots are available each week).

What will my business be required to do?

The process of getting your business on the site is incredibly simple and convenient, and once you're on-board with us it couldn't be easier. Be sure to read the Q&A's surrounding 'Joining' and 'Creating an advert for the site' for more information on just how easy it is to be listed on Chesham's mytownoffers.



How do I sign up my business?

Make sure you visit the join us page and read up on the different options we provide for being listed on the site. Then fill in the contact box at the bottom of the 'Join Us' page with all the required information, and that is virtually it. We will receive your message and will aim to get back to you as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours). In the meantime have a think about what you would like to list on mytownoffers, so that once we get back to you we can proceed with uploading your advert as soon as possible.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do! It is free to list an advert on mytownoffers up until July 2019, while you get used to the site and decide if you'd like to keep your advert on the website. When you contact us, we will automatically allow you to join for free.

What do I need to do next?

Be sure to check out the 'Join Us' page to gather more information about options and signing up. Once we have received your inquiry message we will collect the advert from you via email (be sure to read up on 'creating an advert for the site'), so that we can get you uploaded and listed as soon as possible. We will require some additional information such as key facts/info you'd like us to add to your page on mytownoffers, if you're listing a deal/offer we will require the specifics surrounding this, and also links to your current website and social media pages if you'd like us to connect them to your page.

Payment information

We have tried to make the payment process as simple as possible to save you time. Once we have gathered the information surrounding your listing on the site, we will ask how long you'd like to have your advert on the site for. We have a minimum 3 month sign-up once the free trial has expired, as realistically an advert will need to be listed on the site for long enough to make an impact - normally over 3 months. We are also happy to collect payments covering longer periods of time if you'd like. All payments must be made in advance of when the advert is being listed. To pay, we require a one off direct debit payment (details will be provided once you have contacted us). We will confirm once mytownoffers has received the payment - and from that point your advert will be listed.


Creating an advert for the site

What details will I need to provide?

It will be useful to provide us with a JPEG/PNG of your businesses logo so we can add that to your page. We will also require some additional information such as key facts/info you'd like us to add to your page, if you are listing a deal/offer we will require the specifics surrounding this, an also links to your current website and social media pages if you'd like us to connect them to your page. We will also require your business address (if applicable) and contact details (so we can add you to the directory). Although don't worry, we will send all this information to you have emailed your initial inquiry.

What are the specifications required for adverts?

In many cases the simpler an advert is the better, feel free to browse this site to get ideas for how your advert can look. We will need you to send us an 'A4' proportioned JPEG/PNG of your advert. Once we have the advert we may apply additional touch-ups to make sure the formatting is correct. Apart from this, there are no major rules you need to follow, you can be as creative as you like!

I can't make an advert myself, can mytownoffers help me?

We understand in certain cases you may not be able to design your own advert, but still want to be listed on the website. This is not a problem, for an additional one off £5 we can design you a high quality advert which would look great on the site. If you would like us to design you an advert then be sure to tell us this when filling in the contact us form. You will not have to pay for the advert if you choose to not use it.

File formats and uploading

We are fairly flexible on the format you send us - but bare in mind you will need to email the design to us, so JPEG/PNG's are preferred. The advert will need to be emailed to us.Once we have been sent the artwork and confirmed the date you require the advert to go live, we will upload the artwork for you and complete your business page on the site.


Once an advert is uploaded

The next stages

Getting an advert on the site is super easy - but what happens next? Well, that's really up to you. In many cases you may not need to update or modify your advert, so you can sit back and relax. Once you reach the final weeks of your subscription, we will send an email prompting you to renew or update your current page/advert. 

Updating or modifying an advert

One of the reasons that makes mytownoffers great for advertising is the ability to change your adverts and listing - unlike a printed version - so you can make sure all your info is kept up to date and accurate. You can change your advert when you like, you just need to send us the new version and tell us when you'd like it to be uploaded. We will then sort the rest for you.

Renewing an advert

When your advert is about to expire (say you are reaching the end of your 3 months), we will send you a prompting email reminding you to either renew or update your advert. If you wish to renew then you will need to make a payment before the end of you current subscription - basically another one off bank transfer to cover the next 3 months.

Removing or cancelling an advert

If you wish to have your advert removed (e.g. the deal is now over), then all you need to do is drop us an email requesting for it to be taken down. You are allowed to upload a different advert instead as you are covered for a listing up until the end of your subscription payment. If you wish to leave mytownoffers all together, then once again send us an email and we will remove you from the site. Alternatively, your listing will be removed from the site if at the end of your subscription you choose not to renew.

How do I measure the success of an advert / listing?

The issue which has always troubled marketers is the question of 'how do I measure the success of my advert?' The simple answer is there isn't one correct way of doing this - it will ultimately depend on what your own business goals are. The main one think companies generally will want to see though is an increase in sales. But you can also take into account other changes in your business activity since being listed on the site, such as; new customer acquisition, increased interest in products/items you have listed under a deal, brand awareness, customer retention, driving traffic towards your own business website, increased engagement with you company through different medias, increased footfall in stores (if applicable).  We do believe though you will feel mytownoffers is great value for money when comparing the cost of listing an advert vs. the benefits generated through being part of mytownoffers.


Additional Questions

Why can't I update my own content?

You may wonder why we choose to upload content ourselves instead of allowing you to add it to the site. The main reason is from speaking to local businesses, we found you would rather email us all the content, so we can focus on making it look great on the site, and reducing the hassle for you. Additionally, it allows us to check content is accurate and up to date - as we are the ones uploading it.

How can I upgrade my current package?

If you wish to upgrade you package just simply drop us an email. We will work out the cost differences and take this into account when taking the next payment. If you wish to be one of the 'Deals of the Week', then you will already need to be paying for the 'Offers Page' package. It is best to email us if you are planning on upgrading your current package so we can chat to you about the different options.

Can you track how many views my advert is getting?

Yes is the simple answer - but it may not paint the whole picture. We have built trackers into every page of mytownoffers - meaning we can see how many 'clicks' your advert is getting. However, in many cases people may still read and take in the advert, but choose not to click on it, meaning the figure is not an accurate portrayal of what is really going on, and how much of an impact your listing is making.

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